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In 1972, GAF produced 3 View Master reels featuring the adventures of the GI Joe Adventure Team. This fuelled my love for the Adventure Team more than anything I had. Here they were in color, in 3D, in lavish settings, setting wrong right using the gear I had in my own toy box.

I got my set of reels individually. I bought two in separate lots on eBay, and a third was provided for me by a Sandboxer, Jack Hall as an extra to a trade we did. Wow!

So keep in mind that not all of these reels are mint. There are flaws, dirt, scratches, and other problems, but in general, these came out great!

Thanks to fellow Joe enthusiasts Eric Bergstrom, who volunteered to professionally scan the reel images, and Peter Marinow, who volunteered his copy of the paper documentation for scanning, and Mike Staton who provided the raw audio files (NEW!), I now present:

The Adventures of GI Joe - View Master Reels
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1. G.I. Joe and Sarge were training recruits in the desert. 2. Sarge arrived in Turbo Copter as Greg flew Flying Rescue. 3. At headquarters, Joe received a call from Sarge... 4. ... "A prospector has vallen into a crevice and is injured!" 5. The Adventure Team sped to the rescue of old Zeke. 6. Greg and Sarge flew down into the hole and gave first aid. 7. Rescued, Zeke proudly showed "shiny rockes" he had found.

Small Files
Large Files

1. G.I. Joe and two recruits sought uranium ore in teh sea. 2. Greg rescued Joe when his Flying Platform was swamped. 3. When Joe went scuba diving, he attracted a deadly shark! 4. With a blow from his spear gun, Joe drove away the fish. 5. Joe and Greg found an old Spanish treasure chest... 6. ... guarded by a giant squid! It seized Greg! 7. With a small dynamite blast, Joe frightened the squid away.

Small Files
Large Files

1. Joe and Sarge were in Ceylon to foil the theft of an emerald... 2. ... from a huge Buddha statue. They reached the temple ... 3. ... just in time to see two thieves running with the jewel. 4. They assembled their Escape Car and Drag Bike ... 5. ... and overtook the fugitives by a valley rice paddy. 6. As they attacked the pair, the giant emerald fell loose! 7. With the thieves in custody, Joe and Sarge put the jewel back.

View Master Viewer GI Joe View Master Reel Package
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* NEW * - Hear the Talking View Master Reels!

This took some effort. Coming as it did from a talking View Master, the quality of the original files was pretty low. After playing with them for a couple of hours they are now quite presentable. Enjoy! Either click on the reels below, or go up and visit the reel picture pages and play them from there. Listen to the audio while seeing the pictures!

Reel One

Reel Two

Reel Three


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