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My last video console purchase was one of the Sega master system's. The last console before that was the Atari 2600 which a family member sold off and I replaced at a tag sale later on. So my wife & I figured it was time to see what is out there and we visited a neighbors house and tried out the Wii they had. These new fangled systems have built in Wifi (Internet connection), bluetooth (for the remotes) and far better graphics than the old systems!

Wii on my mantle

This little gem even looks nice on a mantle and can be set up either horizontally or vertically. I had it playing a slideshow from pictures put on a Sandisk card for hours before relatives noticed that we had a Wii setup. (We wanted to wait until the kids left so that we wouldnt have to share at Easter)

This also brings up what is easily the Wii's weak spot. A lot of these are used by the boomer generation and it would be great to package a DVD, MP3, CD, CD-I etc. player into one small compact package. For 'whatever' reason Wii has actually REMOVED support for MP3's and downgraded. The player is fully capable of playing DVD's and CD's but Nintendo has decided not to include the software for these. My only guess is they will want you to pay extra later. One of the best possibilitys they could add on would be photo sharing over the Internet. How many of these are in nursing homes? I'll bet of all of those there are some extremely proud grandparents who would LOVE to see pictures of their grandchildren who may even live far away. A parent could post pictures to a photo share website and while the Wii was unused it could very easily have a picture slideshow going as a screensaver. I guess Nintendo claims they want this to be a family game machine. Well, how many familys sit around and look through picture books or slideshows? I believe most familys do at one time or another.

Another weak spot is the almost total lack of play over the Internet. The Wii only has a handful of games you can play against other people over the Net.
My Nintendo Guide to Wifi Wii games

One of the features I have found my wife & I using the most is the virtual console. This allows you to play 'classic' games that Nintendo releases for downloading. To get these you can either have them gifted to you or purchased using Wii points. Most video game stores will sell Wii points cards or you can also purchase them online.

There are even ways to get 'free' Wii points. To tell the truth, even minimum wage jobs likely pay off quicker than most of the ways on PrizeRebel but it can also be done in your spare time. It DOES work and I am not a spammer. The trick is you need to sign up for advertisements. I would strongly advise getting a GMail or other throw away email as your email box is going to be hit hard. They do have dozens of actual prizes besides Wii points. I chose Prizerebel because it will email the Wii card number to you and you can get it quicker. After getting my 20 points on Prizerebel I had my Wii card number emailed to me within about two and a half hours! Some people have reported it taking up to three days so please be patient. Also, you can theoretically purchase a Wii (the largest of the Wii prizes for offer) here but I find it hard to imagine all the offers adding up to 250 points.

Prize rebel DOES work. Try it!

The most difficult thing in obtaining a Wii is just plain locating one. I spent a week on the cell phone calling and visiting stores pretty much across most of Massaschusetts as I work in Boston and commute in from the more economical part of the state. I finally stumbled across Wiialerts. This fantastic site will alert you with a popup whenever one is available and/or give you a text message on your phone. Before wasting time bothering every salesclerk in your local area you may want to call a few just in case and then either get up very early on Sunday and head for Toys-R-us as some have 'Wii' partys on Sundays and other events. But if you look in the history on Wiialerts you will notice that even the online stores usually only offer them for minutes at best so it is best to be ready at the PC when you get an alert. It can also have the popup bring you right into the salespage and all you'll need to do is select how many you need and enter your credit number and hope you are quicker than the rest!

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