Mikes vintage computers:

I recently picked up an old APPLE ][e at my favorite price. If you are new to my website that is as always FREE! I have included some pictures of it below. This machine came loaded with everything but software and manuals. It even has an early RGB output which hooks up an works fine on my Epson AP1020A monitor (one of the few RGB monitors I have with a 9 pin din jack. :-)

Apple ][e:
Fully assembled and working! Apple opened up Apple emptied out Colorlink graphics card
Operator 300 baud modem card PPC-100 Parallel card Micro Soft CPM card Ramworks memory card

Radio Shack TRS-80 Model-III. This machine was given to my by the sysop of the "Barbershop BBS" in Springfield Mass. When given it was a 16K Level II machine. I upgraded it to 48K with some chips I had in one of my junk drawers. I ordered the high resolution graphics card and the floppy disk controller from Radio Shack and added in two 360K floppy's from an old IBM model 5150 (Early PC).
TRS-80 Model III from above TRS-80 Model III from the front

Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket Computer PC-3: (notice the QWERTY style keyboard).
PC-3, box, manual and reference card PC-3 closeup

NEC Starlet: (An early laptop. powered by 4 C-cell's and had an internal 1200 baud modem)
NEC Starlet display unfolded NEC Starlet's back panel

Radio Shack TRS-80 Model-2000. I purchased this machine at a sizable discount from a local Radio Shack store. It was their old store machine that they used to order merchandise and stuff on. As far as I know it was also the ONLY PC that was made with the Intel 80186 for a processor. The only other machine that I know of off hand that used this chip was the old HP Laserjet's. I believe this was the first step towards the IBM-AT's which used a 80286 instead of most other clones which still used the 8086 or 8088 with higher and higher clock speeds. The 80186 still suffered from the old 1MB maximum address space and had a 80187 coprocessor available. The 80188 han an 8 bit external bus vs. a 16 bit bus for the 80186.
Model-2000 from the front Model-2000 closeup Model-2000 backview Model-2000 RAM and I/O cards Model-2000 Closeup of Ram card. Notice the use of 4164 memory chips and the 'patch' wires soldered onto the chips

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