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Attention folks, I have re-upped the subscription for another year! The trial period is over, I elected to get the 'medium' level and had to take some of the tree's out but all the pictures and the main tree are still there! Enjoy!

After receiving my grandfathers SS-5 Social security application in the mail and discovered and made contact with some family members that I haven't been in touch with before this time. Before this I was disappointed that I could only trace my surname back two generations but not since receiving that SS-5 which was the key to a whole another branch of my tree. I still have ton's of information to sift through and it is great knowing that there is family out there researching the same lines. (Kinda makes things a bit easier...) ;-) A cousin sent me a nice long email which brought this name back to the early 1600's in France and an even larger email from another family member brought a separate line back to the 1000's.

I obtained a copy of the SS-5 for my great grandmother. Up until now I wasn't sure of her birth name but it turned to be "Albertine Michaud". Her parents are listed as being a Joseph Michaud and a Mary Marier from St. Alexander Quebec.

As far as I know the Laferriere (Aurez Dit) name goes back to the very early 1600's in Rideau, Tours, Touraine, France. The earliest ancestor I have listed is Jacques Houre Laferriere born in 1605. His son Rene is listed as being born in Azay-Le-Rideau which is 16 miles SouthWest of Tours in the Loire Valley of France. In 1653 Rene volunteered in the great recruit of 1653 to help pioneer New France where he worked as a land clearer. In 1665 Rene married Denise Damane who is listed as a Filles du roi (Daughters of the King). These recruits started their trip aboard the "Saint Nicolas de Nantes" but this ship was so rotten and worn the captain purposely landed on an island where it would be difficult to escape if anyone changed their minds until a second unknown ship was acquired.

Chronicles on the great recruit of 1653.     René Houray (in English)

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Confused by dit this or dit that? Well check out the American-French Genealogical Society web page on surname variations at
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This next text box records my progress at linking Flavius Valerius Constantinus (Emperor of Rome Constantine I) to the European royalty which will eventually put him in my distant family tree. Emperor Charles the Great (Charlemagne) was already linked nearly accidentally while I was working my tree back towards Constantine last week. I believe the general theory is that Constantines bloodline was stopped a few generations after his death but I have located 'evidence' that says that it may have continued through the Vandal tribes and into the early Norman kings which would pretty much make him about a Fortieth grandfather of most people of European descent. A lot of people come to this webpage looking for his genealogy. I can send out a GED connecting him with some of the monarch's of Europe if you are interested via email.

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A page on the St. Bartholomew's massacre
This is where there is some question in our lineage. There is a possible adoption or a surname change to protect lives.

The St. Bartholomew's massacre

Muise family webpage makes reference to my 11th great grandmother

Laferriere door knocker
"The Laferriere's"

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