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Distributed computing will eventually revolutionize the computing field much as the Internet has but in ways we can't imagine. Already projects such as Setiathome have put together 'virtual' computers more powerful than any supercomputer in existence. Most of these run as a screen saver or as a 'cycle-stealer' in the background of your PC allowing you to use it for yourself and make use of idle CPU time which will never be missed. Imagine the power of a supercomputer at desktop prices and with infinite scalability? Some of these projects offer a cash prize for having one of your PC's find the 'secret' key or actually pay a small fee per work unit completed. Most of these projects can run either on a DSL line or simply use a dial up on a daily or even weekly basis.

Distributed computing makes the new's!

Noble cause's on CNN's website

Decent active list of Distributed projcets

www.find-a-drug.org is a fairly new project searching for solutions to SARs, HIV, cancer and antidotes for potential bioterrorism. Versions are available for Linux as well as Windows.

Distributed.net has been my first distributed computing project and offers a cash prize to anyone who's PC is the lucky one to stumble across the key to a code and has been running for about 2-3 years now. Distributed.net has covered such code breaking projects such as looking for Optimal Golomb rulers, RC5-56 and others.

Setiathome is the largest currently being run and uses piggybacked data from the Arecibo Puerto Rico radio telescope to search for extra terrestrial life. Even if you don't believe in E.T.ALIEN! Will you be the one to find me? it does make a pretty neat screen saver. Setiathome has comprehensive statistics for individuals and teams. I have been running this for a couple of years now and am in the top 95% of users worldwide and am headed for the 1000 work unit mark. To new folks if you want to get your time per work unit down make sure you set the time for your screen to go blank down to a few minutes or so as this will pretty much double your speed.

Fight Aids at home is another noble effort to use the spare power of your PC to find a cure for AIDS:

Another excellent one that can be enjoyed visually as a screen saver! This one simulates the folding of proteins: http://folding.stanford.edu/

My BOINC stats

Compute against cancer is a website to help find cures and ways to help people diagnosed with cancer.

Join the Mushcats. This is a team of computer users working on Distributed.net's brute force code cracking effort.

To join click HERE

To view team stats click HERE

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