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Hello, my name is Michael Laferriere. This is my third personal homepage. I have been using Verizon for DSL, local & long distance, cellular and before cellular I had a Bell Atlantic (now part of Verizon) pager. Just recently, I 'upgraded' from an old analog pay per minute cellular plan and received a bill that was well, just about the equivalent of one of my mortgage payments! After calling a Verizon tech support number (1 800 688-2880 (24 minutes, 49 seconds) on 05/22/2006 at 12:52PM) and getting bounced around, placed on hold I was told that I would have to pay the bill and there was nothing they could do. When I started out with the new plan I specifically told the salesperson (one of eight Verizon employee's in a customer free store in Sturbridge Massachusetts) that I do not want a data plan, that I do not want Verizon data access (after hearing other horror stories about Verizon data plans). I used my new Treo 650's built in virtual modem to use a non EVDO, DIAL UP connection to see how the Internet and browsing would work a couple of times. Dialing #BAL and checking the life data (a built in odometer for minutes and Kilobytes used) did not anywhere near reflect the bill. Since a picture is worth at least a thousand words, I have taken the liberty of photographing my Treo (which I love and plan to keep whether or not something can be worked out with Verizon) next to my current phone bill. If you notice Verizons own bill (probably the closest you will see to a written contract from Verizon) states that at he end of the billing cycle the kilobyte usage will be rounded up to the next full kilobyte. That is some rounding job! In fact, in my twenty four minutes and forty nine seconds on the phone with Verizon they tried saying that this was somehow the reason for the disparity in the two figures. Today (05/30/2006) in the mail I received a letter from Verizon stating that unless I paid in full by the 31st my service would be turned off. With a two to three time for UPS to ship the bill I curious how they actually expect to get a response that quick. Verizon seems to be pretty quick to draw a line in the sand. This was after a written attempt via certified mail on 05/24/2006.

Next a bit about myself. I have been using computers now since 1977 and usually prefer the old way of doing things. I still prefer a keyboard to a mouse, as you are infinitely more flexible and accurate keying in commands instead of clicking and dragging, besides half of the time you are pressing at least a <CTRL> or <SHIFT> key while doing this!

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: Vintage computers Windows 95/98 page Vintage computers of Mikes :
Linux! Its not just for breakfast anymore. Mike's Linux page Linux! Its not just for breakfast anymore.

My newest addition: Broadband Internet tests and information!

Palm computing

Law Enforcement information and links

Distributed Computing revolutionary or just gimmicky? Â Neural Networking artificial intelligence based on randomness? Artificial Intelligence and artificial life


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The *WHOLE* Internet!


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Mike's amazing stuff! (not to be confused (anymore) with Ripley's)

Stuff that I have found interesting:

Got some extra time on your hands? Want to play a game but don't want to install it? Or perhaps just stuck at work with a little *FREE* time on your hands!? Try this site for arcade, board games, cardg ame, casino (for fun & cash!), and word games!

Games on playsite.com:
Arcade Board Card Casino Word
Asteroids Backgammon Bridge Blackjack Cascade (Beta)
Battlezone Battleship Cribbage Video Poker Scrabble
Centipede Checkers Euchre Slots Tangleword
Gravitar Chess Gin Roulette
Missile Command Go-moku Hearts
Red Baron Hex Spades
Super Breakout Mancala
Tempest Monopoly

Micro charts! Small on everything except usefulness! These little 8.5"X11" sheets contain all the necessary information on whatever subject you have ordered from 7400 TTL chips to various machine codes:

Chip directory with pin outs - Useful

Is it just me or are all the first few hits always seeming to be 'commercial' sites lately on these search engines? I guess if you are a commercial content provider and can bribe the engines they will make sure your site comes up first regardless of whether it is just a *SPAM* site or an actual web page.

Good list of search engines and information storehouses.

Save money with these next two links!

Price grabber on-line pricing and comparison site Pricewatch search for the best bargains on the net!

Best example by far of what HTML should be! Worth taking a look at: (German U-Boat and WWII technology site VERY informative!)

Interested in networking PC's? This site will go over everything you will need to know! Even covers networking through printer ports. This will allow you to connect up two PC's through the printer ports and share files, an Internet (or LAN) connection & a printer for less than the cost of a single network card! http://www.helmig.com/

Tom's Hardware guides! Excellent reviews of the latest and greatest!

Reverse Phone number look ups and free directory assistance

Anybirthday.com Look up someones birthday! (Pretty thorough!)

Satellite Service serving New Englands commercial and home satellite business needs.

What's happening?

Two Tigers On-line

Internet Traffic report

How quick is your connection to the Internet?


Live Dow Jones ticker from Bigcharts.com! Vert2px Live Nasdaq ticker from Bigcharts.com!

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